Our Story

Dosa place it’s where we do authentic Indian food right! For us it’s about the top quality of ingredients and following the proper method of preparation in making your meal, that’s what we do right. Our chefs grind the batter for our Specialty Dosa made for you in a crispy, stuffed, sweet, and savory selection. Are you craving an Uthappam pancake? With Chutney/Sambar, or is it idly/vada as your favorite tiffin pair? Come to Dosa Place. We represent the south and have the coconut milk to prove it, it adds a rich creamy flavor and makes up some of your favorite vegan curries!

True Passion

Natural Flavours

Our Naan and naan pizza are made from freshly rolled dough made in the restaurant is often enjoyed with a large variety of vegetarian and non-veg options; from appetizers, to curries, to daily prepared Dum Biryani and street style noodles, it’s coming to you fresh with authentic Indian flavor. Pair your meal with refreshing desi drinks and desserts like a mango lassi yogurt-smoothie, and a sweet milk payasam from your special place, the Dosa Place.



We cater to corporate events, lunch boxes, birthday parties, marriages, and family gatherings, and we provide a unique catering service that will show your guest to care about their comfort and enjoyment. Find out more about our catering menu.

Specials @ Dosa Place
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